a means of increasing the public's or industry's awareness of a business and its services or goods. Glossary of Business Terms

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promotion pro‧mo‧tion [prəˈməʊʆn ǁ -ˈmoʊ-] noun [countable, uncountable]
also sales promotion MARKETING an activity such as special advertisements or free gifts intended to sell a product or service:

• ABC has announced a joint promotion with Miller Lite.

• Penney has increased its sales promotion with direct mail.

• A special promotion in January produced a spectacular rise in profits.

— promotional adjective [only before a noun] :

• the use by cigarette companies of promotional giveaways (= free gifts )

conˌsumer proˈmotion MARKETING
activities that last for a short time, for example price reductions or free offers, which are intended to persuade people to buy a product:

• The company had already spent a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to build up a demand for its products.

ˌcross proˈmotion , cross-promotion
MARKETING an advertising campaign involving two companies selling their products together:

• The video is supported by a $20 million marketing campaign and a cross-promotion with PepsiCo's Pizza Hut restaurants.

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promotion UK US /prəˈməʊʃən/ noun
[C or U] HR, WORKPLACE the process or fact of giving someone a higher or more important job: »

Employees worry that saying 'no' to the boss decreases their chances of advancement and promotion.

get/receive a promotion »

Does working longer hours increase your chances of getting a promotion?


She was recommended for promotion by her manager.


The study showed that obese employees were repeatedly passed over for promotion.


He was seen by management as a troublemaker rather than a candidate for promotion.

[C or U] (also product promotion) MARKETING an advertisement, event, or other activity used to advertise a product or service, or the use of these advertisements, events, etc.: »

The supermarket has said it will extend the promotion for another week.


The chain chose to concentrate very heavily on in-store promotions.


We do product promotions using text messages.


Heavy promotion of the country as a tourist destination has brought significant growth in the industry.

See Note ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑advertising)
promotions — Cf. promotions
[U] the activity of encouraging something to happen or develop: the promotion of sth »

These legislative developments will contribute to the promotion of foreign investment.


Direct government promotion played a primary role in the development of e-commerce.


He worked in a trade promotion unit in the federal Commerce Department.

See also CROSS-PROMOTION(Cf. ↑cross-promotion), CONSUMER PROMOTION(Cf. ↑consumer promotion), SALES PROMOTION(Cf. ↑sales promotion)

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